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it's now 2014, finally!  2013, in my personal life has been quite something... lot of stress, lot of despair, fear... nothing related to my professional life though, but it has affected me at a point I was not able to work at all.  Slowly, I've recovered, re-started to work a little and now I'm getting there, slowly.  I've to turn the page and carry on... Life is short, we have to enjoy it every minutes of our life. 

Last time I posted here, was in May 2013.  We went to La, California.  It was great to go there, to see my istock's friends.  We did 2 days of shoots with a friend from LA, that helped us to get pretty locations, models, permits.... it was awesome. 

We liked that much that we will return in March for a trip to the sun but also mostly to go do some shoots. We found a really great hotel on Venice Beach, I love Venice area. In the meantime I'll post some pictures that we realized last May,  images that I have not yet uploaded on istock but I will later this week.  I still have a lot to process..




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Penélope said...
Glad to read you again :)
February 14, 2014 10:19:13
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